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How Much CBD Should I Take?

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How much CBD is the right for me?

CBD oil is all the rage and more and more people are starting to see the real benefits of this amazing product. However, with everything in life, there is a give and take. Too much or too little of most things is not ideal. That is true with CBD too. So what is the right amount for you?

While that may seem like a simple question, finding the answers through all the other exciting CBD information can be difficult. There are not a lot of dependable places where you can find a simple easy to read usage chart.

We’ve got your back

When A Clean Choice CBD does something, we do it with you in mind. So when we started digging around and realized that our customers may not be able to find out how much CBD is right for them, we decided to fix that.

Keep in mind this chart is just a starting point. Every single person’s body is a unique piece of art. That uniqueness means that what works for one person may not be your perfect fit. Our best advice is to start with the amount suggested. Then go up or down on how much CBD you are using until you get the results you are looking for. (Click the chart to see larger image.)

The A Clean Choice CBD Usage Chart


You in mind

The chart is designed to help you not only find a correct amount of CBD for your body weight, but also for your expectations. Want a simple maintenance level of CBD? Then go with the top line under your body weight. On the other hand, if you have a particular issue you are hoping to find relief from, try the bottom line under your body weight.

How you choose to use these products is up to you. However, we hope this chart could be a good place to start deciding how much CBD is right for you.

Water toxicity. CBD usageBut Can I take too much? How much is too much?

There is nothing on earth that you absolutely can NOT overdose on. That being said some things are REALLY hard to overdose on. Take water for instance. The human body is literally over 60% water and yet you can overdose on it. It literally takes drinking so much water that it’s plain stupid, but it is possible.

That applies to CBD too. Too much of anything is bad, but in this case, it would take an awful lot to get there. Our advice is to listen to your body. If you think something is not right, adjust your intake and always consult a doctor or health care provider.


   ~Team A Clean Choice CBD


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