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What CBD delivery method is right for me?

What type of CBD delivery method is right for you?

The best CBD delivery method for you depends on why you are using CBD and what you are hoping to get out of it. balance delivery cbd methodTo best answer, this question lets take a look at what our delivery method options are.

Keep in mind that each delivery method has a different rate of absorption. The rate and quantity of CBD absorption can vary greatly depending on the delivery method you choose.  Another thing to keep in mind is that CBD products come in a variety of strengths.  Click here for Usage and Strenght Suggestions.

Topical/ Subdermal: 

Topical CBD products like lotions or salves are a popular delivery method because they can offer a localized solution versus a complete body use. By applying the lotion or other topical forms directly to the location in question lets the CDB absorb subdermally through the skin and directly into the bloodstream. Because of it’s direct access to the bloodstream this delivery method is a fast acting one. Everyone’s body is different so reapply lotion or salve as needed for your goals.



Sublingual fluids have a slightly longer duration than inhalation methods. CBD is not easily absorbable through the stomach lining. When using tinctures it is suggested to hold it in your mouth, under your tongue for at least 40 to 60 seconds for full 2 to 6-hour effect.  By holding the CBD fluid under your tongue you avoid the stomach lining issue and get the CBD to your bloodstream in a relatively quick manner. As with any CBD product Re-dose as needed until you reach your personal goals.



Inhalation is another popular CBD delivery method. Inhaling CBD products should last 1 to 4 hours for most people depending on the strength of the CBD cartridge.  Since inhalation delivery has one of the fastest absorption rates should take effect about 5 minutes after use. When the CBD vapor enters the lungs it immediately starts being absorbed directly into the bloodstream. Remember everybody is different so results may vary. Typical suggested use is between 2 and 4 “puffs” per serving. However, as I said, everyone’s body is unique. Re-dose as needed for your personal goals.


Tablet, Capsule or pill (Ingestion):

Pills and capsules that contain CBD are ingested through the digestive tract. This form of delivery is considered the slowest but longest lasting way to get CBD.  It also affects the largest part of the body. The duration that ingested CBD last is highly variable based on the dose and the individual taking it. It is suggested to start with a small amount and work your way up if necessary. Ingestion is thought to be the best overall way to get CBD into your body for long-term maintenance for both CB1 and 2 receptors.


More about CBD Delivery Methods:

Some people take CBD and immediately get HUGE results. Some take CBD and say they feel nothing. Here is the thing, your Endocannabinoid system is a working system in your body already doing what it is supposed to be doing without CBD.

That is if you are healthy. If you are not healthy you may have “voids” in your system that need extra help. Both of these statements can have a lot to do with how CBD affects you.

  • If you are healthy you may not see major results but you will still be helping your endocannabinoid system by adding naturally occurring cannabinoids like CBD.  For me I use CBD lotion for my arm, it helps a ton. But if my arm did not hurt and I applied the CBD I would not be able to feel the effects because there will not be any that I can “feel”.
  • If you are unhealthy on the other hand. With major issues or specific goals, you may have HUGE voids that literally suck up all the CBD you are using. So for instance, let’s go back to my arm. When I first started applying CBD lotion I had to apply it every few hours to see the results I was looking for. Once the inflammation in my arm reduces I was able to apply it less often. Now I can use it every couple of days and see what I am looking for.  In my case, I had to start with a huge amount get myself balanced then reduce how much I use.

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