How can I get A Clean Choice CBD brand products and why should I trust you?

Finding a CBD provider that you can trust is a hard thing to do right now. Since the industry started booming thousands of CBD providers have popped up. How do you know who to trust and what quality you are looking for? Can A Clean Choice brand CBD be trusted? Let’s go over some information.

1st. Quality CBD

Quality Hemp-derived CBD products should contain only a few ingredients, and most importantly it should be batch tested. Here at A Clean Choice CBD, we have both. Our products all come marked with a batch number on the bottom of the containers. This batch number will lead you to a third party lab analysis. Not only on that type of product in general, but on the exact product in the bottle that you got the batch number off of.

Testing every batch of A Clean Choice brand CBD is important to us. It is how we guarantee that our products have the amount of CBD in them that they have marked on them.

2nd. A Company you can trust: A Clean Choice CBD

A Clean Choice CBD is a sister company of A Clean Cigarette brand electronic cigarettes. It was founded by the same people. The issue is that CBD is a new industry.  That means most companies simply have not had enough time on the market to show what kind of company they are.

Let’s face it, even if a new company is made up of amazing people, with amazing quality, and amazing customer Judge judy face palm cbdservice, it takes a while to have that reputation get around. In the meantime for every 1 great company that is opening up like that, 10 more are being opened by frauds and crooks. Folks who are out to make a quick buck on what they see as the CBD gold rush. Some of these crooks go so far as to produce CBD products……..without CBD!

On the other hand, when it comes to the ACC family of companies we have been helping people with quality products since 2010. In fact, our tag line at A Clean Cigarette is “Smokers Helping Smokers since Feb. 2010.

9 years and many more to come.

We have all seen fly by companies in new up and coming industries. It seems like whenever there is a new thing, with any promise at all the vultures appear. Now I am not saying there are not a lot of companies that are very trustworthy. There is. Unfortunately, there is also a lot of them that are not. If you would like to see what the A Clean Cigarettes customers have to say about how we are and what we do visit to see video testimonies from smokers who have made the switch using A Clean Cigarette brand e-cigs.

Once you have done that, we know you will know what we are all about here at AClean Choice CBD. Which is helping you find the solutions you need and quality products you can trust!


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